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Zirconia Refractories

We supply high quality zirconia refractory bricks, blocks & nozzles for many induestries around the world. 

Zirconia refractories useful as high temperature construction materials for furnaces and kilns because of its very high strength at room temperature. The thermal conductivity of zirconia refractories is much lower than most of other refractories, because of that it is used as a high temperature insulating refractory. Since it is not easily wetted by molten glass and because of its low reaction with molten glass, Zirconia refractories are one of the main refractory material for glass furnaces.


Zircon Refractory Bricks

Zircon Refractory Bricks are produced from natural zircon. Their main advantages are good slagging resistance, high load softening temperature, high performance to wear and good thermal shock stability. Zircon Refractory Bricks are mainly used for;

  • Melting pools of Glass furnaces 
  • Regenerative chambers of Glass furnaces
  • Solution erosion area in chemical industry furnaces
  • Metallurgy kilns

Dense Zircon Refractory Bricks

Dense zircon refractory bricks have high bulk density, high unit weight. They have the advantages of High mechanical strength at high temperature and normal temperature, good thermal shock resistance and very high chemical stability. Dense zircon refractory bricks are mainly used for sodium - calcium glass kiln;

  • as middle bricks
  • as skew blocks
  • in tank superstructure
  • in tank bottom

Zircon Mullite Refractory Bricks

Zircon mullite refractory bricks have the advantages of high refractoriness, erosion-resistance, and high performance under load. Zircon mullite refractory bricks are mainly used for;

  • Regenerator of glass furnaces
  • Harsh condition parts of kilns
  • Glass fiber furnaces
  • Garbage incinerator furnaces
  • Electrothermal furnaces

Zircon Tundish Nozzles

Zircon Tundish Nozzles are produced with the content of 65% - 95% zirconia and used for controlling the flow of steel from the Tundish to the Continuous Casting.


Zircon Refractory Nozzles

Zircon Refractory Nozzles are produced with the content of 65% - 96% zirconia and have the advantages of high refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and scouring resistance, small hole diameter change, long service life. Zircon Refractory Nozzles are mainly used for;

  • continuous casting tundish
  • small square billet
  • big square billet
  • rectangle billet
  • small slab casting steel


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